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Travel & Expenses

See where your money and people go!

Heighten the efficiency of your HR team with smooth online travel and expense management. Work with perfect harmony to help your HR teams manage employee expenses.

Manage all aspects of your business travel and expenses

Keep records of the expenses of every employee, department, client, or project; armed with insights, and make on-time allowance payments, informed decisions and optimize your company’s expenditures
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Let’s travel down the aisle.

Travel Management

Create detailed travel expenditure reports, set up approvals and payments, and do much more with IncuseHR.
  • Set up multi-level, customized travel approval flows
  • Complete, end to end allowance and payroll integration
  • Employee self-submissions for quicker processing
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Controlling expenses over competitions

Expense Reporting

Manual expense reporting looks primitive compared to the automated process from receipts to reimbursement - all within a jiffy.
  • Empower users to scan receipts and submit expenses
  • Digital expense reporting and approvals
  • Online reimbursements/settlements
A budget pocket to control your spends

Spend Control

Set spend limits and budgets to avoid going overboard with your expenses. Place purchase approvals and authentication to prevent unauthorized expenses or purchases.
  • Expenditure budget creation and spending analysis
  • Custom rules to restrict overspending or malpractice by employees
  • Expense requests and approvals
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IncuseHR is extensible

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Expense reporting features like workflow rules, custom functions, and webhooks help with setting expense management to autopilot mode.
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Transparency and communication among the entire team contextually and in real-time nurtures a healthy and collaborative work environment.
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No cookie cutter plans - you can customise your travel and expense management tool in a way that suits your business size and goals.
For the moneybags

Faster expense reporting

Cut down all the time your employees spend on making expense calculations and reporting.
  • Mobile-first approach for quick filings
  • GPS and location-based integration
  • Automated bill submission
  • Live reimbursement status
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For the management

No-fuss insights and data

On-click live visibility to travel itineraries, allowances and other expenses incurred by the team.
  • Real-time allowance and expense approvals
  • Automated integration with payrolls
  • Expense summaries and analytics
The finance executives

Money math made easy and error-free

Manual allowance and expense calculations can be tough, time consuming and prone to errors. IncuseHR makes the lives of your finance department multifold easier.
  • Quick expense details and approvals
  • Tax compliant calculations
  • Automated integration with the entire HRMS system
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Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.