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Not just another module, but a full-blown recruitment tool

Talent acquisition isn’t a smooth journey, but fully-equipped IncuseHR recruitment tools make the hiring process more efficient and streamlined.

Empower your workforce with strategic recruitments and onboarding

Smart methods find, develop, and engage top talent for your business and seamlessly onboard new employees for them to thrive.
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End to end engagement

From current opening records to interviews, onboarding and training - always stay in the loop
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Data-driven intelligence

Go from data to decision with enriched analytics and gain insights into your recruitments and talent like no other.
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Expertise and innovation

Designed by experts, IncuseHR brings along innovative tools, creative solutions and expert perspective on every step.

Current requirements and referrals

Simplify your entire hiring process with powerful talent gap data, frictionless talent tracking and referrals management
  • List out every job openingBased on your current talent gaps, retirement and exit data, get an accurate idea of which talent to seek for.
  • Job description and skills directoryQuicken up the job posting process with quickly accessible job descriptions and skills.
  • Never miss any referralsMake the best out of every connection you have with a referral management system for now and future requirements.
  • Smart data storageAll data is good data, especially recruitment data which can be used to refer to any future job openings.
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Interview management

Customize interview stages as per job description, department, or experience level, and create approval flows and alerts for every stage of interview.
  • Hiring workflows and processesMake prompt changes to the hiring pipeline, keep track of the status and do the best of the candidate’s evaluation.
  • Fast-forwarded requisitionsMinimise the chase with the administrative team by simplified and direct requisition forms and instant approvals for job openings.
  • Automate calendaring and schedulingSet calendar dates, notifications and reminders to ensure people’s availability and schedule each interview stage.
  • Create reports and formsSpontaneously measure time-to-fill, interview pipeline, or candidate feedback forms, and even set alerts for report generation.

Candidate management

Smarten your candidate pipeline with a custom talent pool and stay connected with potential candidates to map them to relevant roles.
  • Reach the right candidateBring in the right candidates by communicating clear job descriptions and goals.
  • Smart spreadsheetsGet a clear picture of where each candidate stands and how close they are to closing the position.
  • Screen for the right skillsMake the best out of every connection you have with a referral management system for now and future requirements.
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Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.