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People Analytics

People analytics today, for informed decisions-making tomorrow

No more guesswork to make smart business decisions, get hands-on data-driven insights and create better HR initiatives with just a glance.

The power of analytics and data to make smarter decisions, faster

You might have lots of employee data, but how do you make sense of it? IncuseHR People Analytics gives you a full-blown picture of finances, people, and operations.
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Unified Data

All your data - whether it is financial or transactional, third- party or application data, budgets or work plans, leaves or time offs - everything under one unified data core.
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Augmented Analtics

Combined reports and analysis based on patterns, graphs, growth charts and various data points, to come up with comprehensive, yet simple insights.
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Centralised security

Give your teams the granular access to all the data and analytics they need, without compromising on security and confidentiality of sensitive data.
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Benchmark setting

Compare your past performance with your goals, and set new benchmarks to embed to the future decisions.

What We Do

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Reporting, as easy as it can get

Easy reportings on core aspects of your organization including finances, human resources and human capital management to meet all the regulatory requirements.
  • Consolidate reporting options
  • Adjustments, edits, updates, or feedback
  • Easily accessible and secure
  • Well formatted datasheets

Data-to-insights within a blink of eye

Plain data might not always make a lot of sense, and it is surely very time consuming, with IncuseHR, you can get quick insights from all your data - within moments
  • Data in form of graphs and charts
  • Shareable datasheets for your entire team
  • Hiring vs attrition trend insights
  • Employee diversity reports
  • Employee headcount and talent gap charts
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Take analysis to the next level

Don’t just analyse, generate comparison reports to see how your organisation performed compared to previous years, or even with a competitor.
  • Detailed workforce metrics
  • Location-based attrition rates
  • Department-wise performance reports
  • Proactive performance comparisons

Drill across any dimension

Don’t limit yourself to a particular department, let them analyse any dimension across finance, HR, and payroll to understand everything about your business.
  • Custom turnover analysis
  • Designation, experience, status, department, location, and role-based employee reports
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Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.