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Mobile HRMS

HR beyond the walls of your office space

Seamlessly perform all your HR tasks and activities even when you are away. An easy-to-use iOS and Android app allows managers and HR executives to have the power of productive mobility.
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Let your workforce stay on top of things, even when away

Experience smart HRMS with the IncuseHR mobile app
  • All info at your fingertips Get all the information you might need, depending on your role and accessibility level - right from your mobile HRMS app.
  • Quick connectivity Collaborate with your team every time they need you, share ideas, discuss decisions or make announcements.
  • Never miss anything Stay notified of what is going on in your organisation while you are away with real-time notifications and updates.
  • Location-based tracking Geo-fencing and GPS allows location based time tracking - the one that cannot be outsmarted.

The all-in-one mobile app


All the essential operations to assist you in running an efficient business and pay your people on time and without errors - on the go
  • Remote payroll calculations
  • Quick payment from mobile devices
  • Real-time payroll operation visibility
  • Highly flexible, anytime audits
  • Built-in reporting and analytics
  • Secure and authenticated operations
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Employee management

Full access and control to employee cycles from hire to retire supported by predictive analytics - just the way it is on the web-based tool.
  • Capture of employee data
  • Create and maintain org charts
  • Smart document management
  • Manager approval workflows

Time and attendance

Flexible time and attendance tracking, integrated with biometric devices, QR codes and Geo tagging for live tracking.
  • Attendance management from anywhere
  • Live tracking
  • Custom shift scheduling
  • Roaster management
  • Overtime management
  • Real-time reports and calculations
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Workforce planning and recruitment

On the go task planning, talent management and recruitment options - so that you are never out of the loop.
  • Remotely plan workforce and budgets
  • Workflow approval and assignment
  • Candidate evaluations
  • Ease at on-boarding

Reports and documents

Generate any report, or get hands on any document including dashboards and trend analysis with a smart custom report builder tool.
  • Smart pre-built reports
  • Comprehensive report builder
  • Report scheduler
  • Compliance Report
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Employee DIY

Your employees will love the anytime, anywhere access to pay slips, salary statements, flexi benefits reports, promotion, nomination, and much more.
  • Geo – Fencing based attendance
  • Real time data Sync across devices
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Live tracking

Leave Management

Standalone leave management tool with a unique request, manage and approval Process flow with Smart Live Dashboard.
  • Smart Configurable Leave
  • Auto-disbursal of Leaves
  • Comprehensive Holiday calendar
  • Synced with payroll
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Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.