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Management Consulting and Audit

Evaluate, rectify, and rebalance your resources through audits and consultation for consistently outstanding performance

Businesses are fuelled by their resources - having comprehensive, impeccable human resource management and recruiting consulting can enable you to optimise the mission critical aspects. At HSPL, we provide an array of business audits and social audits guidance that enables you to comply with the stringent requirements to work with world-class industries.

The management consulting services are designed to improve the operational health and promote better HR management practices within your organisation. On the other hand, audit checklists factors like timely payments, proper compliance with statutory laws, coherent records and fulfillment of other regulatory formalities. The exquisite HCM services will provide multi-factor support for worry-free and optimal HR operations for your company.

Your partner for current and futuristic HR management, with more than just advice and audits

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Standalone services for every budget

After understanding which HRM services and delivery models aligned best with your needs, we offer a detailed engagement plan, tailored services, various tools and pricing to perfectly fit your needs, as well as budget.
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Practical solutions to your problems

Whether it is about expanding your team, defining HR policies, compliance with laws and regulations – we will structure a proposal that focuses on your stated concern and explores related factors.
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Occupational health and safety measures

We understand the importance of health and safety at work, and with proper HRM policies, we will ensure to check on: legal health compliance and a safe, healthy workforce.
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Accurate and error- free accounts

We promise zero-error calculation of payroll, taxes, manage filings and payments, as well as nullify the cost of penalties due to incorrect calculations or late payments.
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Health & Safety audit guidance

Comprehensive assistance to avail successful results for various health & safety audits, hazard identification audits defined by the government and other regulatory bodies.
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Labour Law Compliance

Government rules and regulations are always changing, but you can remain stress-free about it because we will stay updated current with rules, regulations and changes in tax rates to avoid penalties and mistakes.
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Consistent support and audits

Rather than just enhancing the solutions to immediate issues, we facilitate full support to help you cope with any future challenges.
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Persistent Effectiveness

Beyond new concepts and audits, we give you the briefs of various aspects related to HR management functions and benefits; and perhaps take a step ahead to optimise your human resources for better outcomes.

Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.