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Compliance and Liasoning

A wholesome statutory compliance checklist with thorough understanding of laws, and the best interests for your business

Compliance with laws and regulations is inevitable, and having a HR compliance checklist in the ever-changing landscape of labour law legislation is always crucial. While in-house compliance with these laws can be resource-expensive, we can help you adapt to constant changes in regulations, at both the state and federal levels.

With extensive statutory compliance management and deep understanding regulatory settings, we offer day to day maintenance of prescribed Labour Laws, PF, ESI sub-codes, insurance, TDS and more. Extending the array of services, we liaison for government licenses, registrations and amendments – taking care of all regulatory requirements for any size and domain of your business.

You can rely on HSPL for statutory compliance and government Liasoning requirements with trust and confidence

Core Businness

Brand loyalty and trust factor

Statutory compliance demonstrates business commitment and higher ethical standards. It also reflects their expertise and awareness about relevant statutory mandates.
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Competitive benefits

Government licenses and compliances hold competitive advantage among rival companies, and produce more efficient outputs.
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Employee morale booster

Full compliance with all labour laws builds trust among employees and is likely to attract and retain talented and principled employees.
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Better internal governance & operation

Compliance of laws from our experts will free up time and resources to focus on core business and operations – ultimately leading to business growth.
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Avoidance of penalties, legal problems

Well-structured packages leads to avoidance penalty or fines, and prevent legal troubles. Proper implementation of laws also helps with avoiding unreasonable demands by labour and trade unions.
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Improvised quality

Adhering to statutory compliance helps with improving quality of products and services avoid potential risks and detect them at early stages and prevent failures effectively.

Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.