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Apprentice Management

A full suite of apprenticeship management services and beneficiary consulting for various government schemes

With skill shortages, skill gaps and an aging workforce, apprentices are the best business resources available in the industrial sector. Properly implemented apprenticeship programs can help you develop highly-skilled employees, reduce expenditures, increase productivity and lower the cost of recruitment. 2.5% to 15% of your team can be apprentices, and add value for your business without burdening your existing system.

Apprenticeship management requires a lot of registrations, compliances and procedures to legally appoint apprentices and receive financial incentives and stipends from various government schemes. Our apprenticeship management services are suitable for both manufacturing and service sectors, and will off-burden you from all these legalities. The apprentice training programs consist of three segments:

  • Suitable for untrained candidates and beginners

  • Practical training session for skill development

  • For organized and timely completion


Reimbursements provided by the Government

Gain maximum benefits of Government apprenticeship schemes, suitable for your state and locality
  • Receive 25% reimbursement for trainee monthly stipend from respective state governments.
  • NSDC-NAPS scheme offers 25% reimbursement for the trainee monthly stipend from the central government.
  • A basic reimbursement of up to Rs. 7,500 for basic training module.

Simple pathway to a future-ready team

Making apprenticeships management effortlessly beneficial for you

Apprentices can be your best HR assets

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Enhanced productivity

Apprentices can delegate certain tasks while learning alongside the highly experienced employees, allowing them to better focus on core responsibilities.
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Save money and time

Apprenticeship training programs include basic training, which ultimately brings down the cost of fresh recruitments. Also, the wages for apprentices lower than fully-trained employees, lowering the overall cost.
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Build teams with custom skills

Apprenticeship is a time-tested approach to training and developing skilled labor, and you can gain a pipeline of loyal skilled workers, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line.
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ESI EPF exemption

Unlike salaried employees, apprentices are not entitled for many employment and labour benefits, including an exemption from ESI and EPF.
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Zero learning repetition & errors

Eliminating any errors and miscalculations – we maintain logs of payments, calendar, etc. and keep detailed accounts of each candidate and their respective training periods as well as pending.
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Healthy & motivated work environment

Apprentices tend to bring with them eagerness and enthusiasm and can have a positive effect on the rest of the workforce – building a healthy and motivated environment within your organization.
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Better employee retention

Apprentices are loyal to an organization that has invested in their development, and they develop better work loyalties as well as tend to stay longer.
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Minimal paperwork on your end

From establishing contracts to stipend payment, incentive reimbursement cycle and documentation related to schemes under Apprenticeship Act, we will take care of the tedious paperwork.

Proactive features for optimized human equity

Attendance and Leave

Mobile-enabled attendance, leave requests, approvals and more – always synced together.